Joint partnerships

Fearless Youth Association (FYA)

Mojatu Fearless Youth Association is a community project working to support and empower BME young people who are at risk from knife crime.

It provides a youth-led safe space where young people can express their feelings, create bonds of friendship and recognise and harness their potential.

We hold regular meetings and offer counselling, music therapy, training in employment skills and help with housing issues.

Community engagement is the driving force behind everything we do – and we act as a bridge between young people and professionals, like the police, building trust and using the insights gained to develop workable approaches to tackle knife crime.

Projects Training

Farmeco Community Care Farm (FCC)

Together with Farmeco Community Care Farm, we offer opportunities to learn new skills and bring urban communities out of the city. We raise awareness of environmental issues, and run events to encourage social cohesion such as tree planting and workshops.


We work together on a variety of programmes to support women and girls. This includes sharing a community magazine, raising awareness about FGM, and alleviating poverty, loneliness and isolation.


Together with Gain, we run a programme supporting access to rural spaces for refugees and asylum seekers, as well as other groups from the city.